Corporate Legal Counsel

Ororus Advisors consults clients on all corporate matters through “corporate general counsel”. Underneath the umbrella of our corporate services, our practice intersects with other related practices. We act as general counsel for corporations however complex, to advise them on all aspects of their corporate life from the inception to day to day operations, financing, and later exit via mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions or other. Our service includes:

  • Incorporation: Consulting on the best corporate structure for your business.
  • Intellectual property: How to best protect and register your intellectual properties.
  • Financing structures: Raising capital, managing equity, maintaining debt/equity ratio.
  • Real property: Lease agreements, acquisition/sale of real estate, co-tenancy.
  • Employment: Employment contracts, social security (NSSF) matters, non disclosure agreements/confidentiality agreements.
  • Contracts: Supply agreements, service agreements, partnership agreements.
  • Tax: End of year tax filing and general corporate fiscal matters.

Ororus Advisors will give you access to a dedicated platform so you create and manage your basic contracts under our supervision. You will be able to request your tailor made contracts or just grab a contract from our firm’s resources as fast as you want your business to grow.

Your account will be assigned to a dedicated member of our team who will handle your business while becoming more and more familiar with your specific needs so that you don’t have to worry about legal complications while you grow and grow, and grow.

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