Startup Legal Counsel

Ororus Advisors has always supported startups and innovation. Through experience we are able to offer professional yet innovative services crafted to enhance growth.

Deferred fee scheme: Do not pay legal fees until you either raise capital and/or start generating revenue. From incorporation to exit, we are by your side:

  • Incorporation
  • IP registration
  • Labor law and CNSS
  • Contracts
  • Taxation

Support in negotiating with Venture Capitals: Through our expertise and contacts, we assist in securing funding and negotiating the best term sheets possible whether the investors are regional or international (Paris, New York, San Francisco…).

You pay after “closing”: Your fees will be differed to after the closing so that you are not pressured into any agreement.

Through our collaborators, we try to secure funding during the negotiation phase so that you do not have to be pressured into accepting unfavorable terms.

The “ground-breaking” program: We will assist innovative and creative entrepreneurs pro bono if we find the ideas to be outstanding and truly exceptional. Please note that we have a limited number of startups we can assist and this program is “very” limited.


At each stage of your project, we offer a personalized follow-up.

You have an idea: We offer a first meeting to discuss it and define your legal strategy moving forward. This meeting is free of charge.

You are starting-up: We offer a full package so that you focus on what you do best.

You are raising capital: We offer a full package of legal documentation and clauses to secure your company and the Investor. Your fees will be differed to after the closing and you receiving the funds.

You have a completed a first round, a second round…: We offer support to renegotiate the terms and align interests to increase growth.


  • Make sure you do not worry about legal
  • Make sure you are well connected
  • Make sure you are as ready as possible for growth
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