Securitization in Lebanon

Securitization in Lebanon saw its legal framework put in place by law No 705 of December 9, 2005 called “Asset securitization Law” The purpose of this Law is to define the legal framework that governs asset securitization.WHAT IS SECURITIZATION?Securitization is the financial process resulting in the assignment of assets by the Originator …

VAT in the Aftermath of the Oil Crisis

After the oil prices collapse and its drastic impact on the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) economies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to give up on its long-run reputation of a tax-free lifestyle and force the general public to share the burden of budgetary expenditure. Following the passing of the Unified VAT Agreement for the GCC, the UAE introduced the domestic rules applying…


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Tariq Sanad CFO of Fetchr

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