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Said Alame

Founding Partner

+ 961 1 493 893


Arabic, English, French

Practice area

  • Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution


Said Alameh founded Alameh & Associates back in 1974 and heads the Litigation & Trial Practice Groups at Ororus Advisors. He is also acting secretary of the Beirut Bar Association.

Since he joined the Beirut Bar Association , Said is widely known for working on a wide range of cases ranging from civil to administrative and criminal lawsuits with recognition for outstanding results across a range of cases including those related to bankruptcy, real estate, construction and criminal law. Throughout his career, he acted as legal counsel in several high-profile cases and holds one of the best track record in cases won in the criminal field.

Said’s expertise doesn’t end with the Law, he is also largely known for his mentoring role for future generations of lawyers and philanthropic work. To this day, he continues to serve on the Beirut Bar Association’s Committee overseeing the entry and exit exams of young lawyers and its Administrative Decentralization Committee. Said also established a non-profit organization named the Green Initiative as part of his commitment to environmental issues. He represented the Beirut Bar Association in numerous occasions throughout the world and continues to be drawn to public service. Said is also a member of the Lions Club.

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