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‘Having an efficient Corporate Structure is key to a Company’s scalability and success. We engineer cross-jurisdictional corporate structures which make most sense to you.’

As our clients expand into the global market, they often experience the need to restructure to increase profitability or gain, improve competitive advantage, or adapt to the ever-changing global landscape.

We understand the importance of corporate structures and having the ideal one for each particular business. In order for us to do so, we first seek to understand your company from a business and an operational perspective. Once we succeed in doing so, we study your target markets as well as relevant jurisdictions. We then proceed by engineering the corporate structure that is most suited for you.

We also rely on our Tax department to understand the implications of our structure while also taking into account the nationality of the stakeholders, and how our structures can impact them on an individual level.

One of our most recent projects involved the complete reorganization of a corporate group in anticipation of an IPO. To that end, we had to undergo a series of actions including company formation, company liquidation, advising on changes in management, board of directors or labor forces, domiciliation of corporations, subsidiaries’ creations, among other.

We also take additional factors into account to determine the ideal reorganization among which intellectual property and in which jurisdictions it should be registered. To learn more about this, you can visit our Intellectual Property Lawsection.

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